Multimedia Technology

A key service for your next event Better in Blu.

Multimedia comes from the Latin term “medium”, referred here as a means of communication. Today, we have interactive tools such as text, graphics, images, sounds, movies, animations, or architectural projections, that can help create or redefine an environment.

Multimedia technology is considered a cornerstone of today’s events.

It requires, as well as a an important investment, a high level of expertise, but it is a service that is always able to add that “wow” factor to any event.

Thanks to our partners, expertise and professionalism in this field, we are at your service for your next corporate event Better in Blu.

Interesting fact

In the Nineteenth Century, graffiti in prehistoric caves were already considered means of communications, along with simple things like water dripping from the ceiling, the fire crackling and illuminating drawings on the walls of hunting scenes, or the sound of footsteps on the earth.